AR/VR Solutions

Our VR/ AR solutions:

POB Production offers realistic, high-quality 3D solutions for large variety of projects. Our end-products are fully interactive and they allow our clients to freely explore the projects from every angle and every lighting/environmental condition according to their preferences. 

Virtual reality solutions are rising on popularity recently, and many companies are starting to develop them. Our interactive pre-visualization is incredibly powerful for testing, showing and understanding of any type of any 3D design, whether it is industrial or architectural. Both VR and AR solutions are offered by our team, which helps you find the best option to illustrate your projects.

We offer a wide ranged of viewing solutions for many platforms of your choice, whether it is traditional solutions for PC (Windows and iOS) or for mobile phone and tablet (iOS and Android). Our talented developers are highly efficient and competent, making our solutions very competitive in terms of pricing and quality, which will satisfy your company need.

Let us know if you are interested, we would gladly discuss more with you to understand your need and demonstrate our expertises for you.

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