Icebreaker Snow part 3: Icebreaker Snow and the Lost City




Icebreaker Snow’s good friend Twinkle the pilot boat is posted to Utö Island in the Archipelago Sea. Soon Twinkle is hard at work plying the iced-over waters of late spring. Returning from the pilot boat meeting point one day, Twinkle is surprised by a snowstorm that causes her instruments to stop working. She is left out of contact with the rest of the world and finds herself in a place whose existence is known only in legends…

When Mr. Utö realizes that Twinkle has disappeared, the great search begins. How can Twinkle get a message ot the outside world, and will she ever see her friend Snow again?

Icebreaker Snow and the Lost City is the third installment in the children’s book series about Snow and his friends.
Written by Teemu Leppälä, who is a real-life icebreaker operator, sea captain and pilot, the Icebreaker Snow series tells exciting stories that take both children and adults on icy adventures on the seas.

Translated by Lola Rogers.


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