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We develop Icebreaker Snow Adventures and Loc & Choc Underwater Universe in our animation studio, located in Espoo, Finland.


We have created and published Icebreaker Snow children's book series since 2011 and part 7 is almost ready. Interested in publishing rights? Contact us!


We turn Icebreaker Snow Adventures into an exciting mobile game. It will be one of many great things in the Icebreaker Snow's product family.


Do you want to grow with us? We have many happy licensing clients who have created great products with us.


We offer flexible VR/AR solutions for your company with high-quality results and reasonable costs.

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About Us

POB Production founded 2011 located in Espoo, Finland. Today we are expanding operations in the animation, publishing, gaming and licensing industry. Some of the POB’s projects are Icebreaker Snow Adventures and Loc & Choc Underwater World animated series. Icebreaker Snow book series that been published example China, India, Vietnam, Finland etc. Snow’s 7th is almost ready to publish and sell more books translation rights world wide. 

POB builds and develops the concepts, business and contract models and expert networks necessary for international growth. The long term goal of POB is to make Icebreaker Snow Adventures and Loc & Choc Underwater World into an internationally recognised children character brand that attracts investments and builds content based business expertise in its home country, Finland.


We are steering POB towards success with passion and skill.

Teemu Leppälä

Founding Partner and CEO. Author and Innovator. Master of Marine Science and Master Mariner

Thanh Bui

Board Member, Art Supervisor and Executive Producer.

Jani Kaulo

Board Member. Legal Affairs.

Martin Tran

Head of Marketing. Junior Producer

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What Our clients Say

Instead of having us talk about ourselves, why don’t we see what our clients have to say.

Great! Now we have all Icebreaker Snow book series for our clients and readers.
Ananya Bhatia
Juggernaut Books, India
My favourite is Snow series part 3. Story is exiting and I have read it many times.
Bee Bui
8 years boy, Vietnam
We are waiting our publishing event in Jakarta Indonesia. Arctic stories are exiting here.
Nova Karadshina
Gramata Publishing. Indonesia



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