Part 2

Icebreaker Snow part 2: Icebreaker Snow and The Mystery at Hailuoto

Teemu Leppälä, Petri Kantoniemi


Winter has come. In the Gulf of Bothnia, ice has formed a thick cover on the sea, which means lots of missions for the icebreakers that assist the ships to and from the port. Everything seems fine, a normal day at sea, until…

Lighthouse Marjaniemi stares amazed at a gigantic, dark shape in the water. What is going on in the Hailuoto channel? The icebreakers have to be summoned to sort out the mystery.

Icebreaker Snow and The Mystery at Hailuoto is the second volume in a children’s book series on Icebreaker Snow and his friends.

Written by Teemu Leppälä, who is a real-life icebreaker operator, sea captain, and pilot, the Icebreaker Snow series tells exciting stories that take both children and adults on icy adventures on the seas.

Translated by Lola Rogers.