The Story


Winter came. The sails and rigs of the ships froze. The wind lacked the power to move the wooden hulls of the ships through the ice. The choice was either to move on to the southernmost routes or stay at port to await spring and the melting ice. The ice-covered sea blockaded Finland.


The six knots speed across the spring ice covered sea, as well as the large light in the tower of the icebreaker, were a source of astonishment and awe. The first icebreaker in Finland, “Murtaja”, was ready for action.


It was a major event in the 1920´s, when Icebreaker Tarmo emerged on Bay of Kruunuvuori. People admired the strong progress Tarmo made and greeted it on its way.


Icebreaker had just returned to port after assisting three ships on a freezing cold, windy and eventful night. Teemu Leppälä had been in charge that night. The events of his shift stayed with the master mariner, who was working primarily as a pilot at the time. An idea took form – what if Icebreaker had eyes and a mouth so he could tell of the adventures he had on the icy sea. This is where it all began…


How could the frozen world of icebreakers, ships and lighthouses as well as the surroundings where they operate be illustrated? Teemu met illustrator, Petri Kantoniemi, and told him of the idea of a children´s book, starring Icebreaker. In close cooperation, and through Petri´s sketches, Icebreaker started to take form – eyes, mouth and finally his cheerful, helpful, benevolent and determined character came to life.


Finland is the home country of icebreakers. From this port, the icebreakers have good access to rush out and assist ships arriving from around the world.


Icebreaker book series finnish version, part one, layouts were done and the printing house was selected. Everything was ready. Finally in the beginning of December 2013 the Finnish version of part one, was published.


As the first part of the series was received so well, it was time to start work on part two. A new and exciting story was set at Bay of Botnia and icebreakers was joined by new friends.


Part two, Icebreaker book series (finnish version) the Mystery at Hailuoto was published end of November 2014.


Production of part three, began. The international reception of the Icebreaker stories and products remains to be seen.


In order to be recognized internationally, as the cheerful, determined and helpful Icebreaker SNOW we know, the products needed a label. This is it. Icebreaker SNOW!


The international journey of Icebreaker  childrens books began in October 2015, when a publishing agreement was signed in China with Shangdong Friendship Publishing House.

The Brand

Internationally brand will be Icebreaker SNOW. Stay tuned and follow us as we take our brand on further adventures worldwide.