Now Available: Icebreaker Snow Board Game : )!


It’s time to forget smartphones and jump to the real adventure! Finnish game maker Peliko just launched new board game Icebreaker Snow. Game also participates “Game of the Year 2017” competition at the family category. Super! Famous game strategy designer Reiner Knizia have developed now this Snow game and before many another popular board games. Game instructions is for Finnish, Swedish and English language.

So it goes. Winter is here and ships get stuck in ports as thick ice covers the sea. The players steering their icebreakers and need to cooperate in order to guide the ships safely to their home ports to anchor. This has to happen before the ice gets too thick. You can order Icebreaker Snow board game HERE! If you are wholesaler outside of Finland just contact us at the address below.

Peliko is Martinex Ltd. Owned Finnish game designer and manufacturer. One of the Peliko’s famous game is Kari Mannerla’s African Star, Inka’s treasure and Pekka play cards. Peliko brand name founded 1985 but games manufacturing history goes all the way to year 1940.


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