Icebreaker Snow and Ear Fell – New York


Icebreaker Snow book series continues with an incredible Christmas adventure. Icebreaker Snow and Ear Fell – New York is already 5th part of Snow book series. Printing machines are running and Christmas adventure launched first in Finland this year and later India, Vietnam, Sweden etc. Did you know that Santa’s home is in Ear Fell, Lapland, Finland?

On the day before Christmas Eve, Santa Claus is on a test drive with his reindeers. Then something happens and Santa floats with his parachute just in front of Lighthouse Grey Seal and Hydrocopter Harry. Icebreaker Snow and his friends comes to help Santa to get back Ear Fell. Christmas schedule is tight. Did Santa have enough time to share all his gifts around the world?

Finnish version is possible to order HERE!

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