Coolest new Animation from Finland : ).


When the frost returns and the sea freezes over, Snow casts off his moorings, lights up the blue icebreaker light at the top of his tower, and heads off to help ships into the port. Snow likes to help, and he loves his job at sea. That is his nature as an icebreaker. Icebreaker Snow is an exciting animation series that take both children and adults on real-adventure on the icy seas.

Coolest new Animation from Finland!

Finnanimation is a network of Finnish animation producers. Finnanimation organizes promotional events globally. In Finland Finnanimation provide supports in international matters for their members, which are production companies of different sizes, around 44 in total. Finnanimation is supported by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

POB Production Ltd. has signed contract with APE. Anima Pictures Entertainment – APE is a new animation IP driven entertainment factory with main focus on Asia and armed with advisory board members from Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, London and Los Angeles.

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