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POB Production Ltd. has entered into licensing agreement with Martinex Oy to launch a toy and board game collection based on the Icebreaker Snow -book series.

“Icebreaker Snow’s fans have been eagerly anticipating the launch of toys, and we’re delighted that together with Martinex, we’ll bring Icebreaker Show and his friends to children’s playtime,” says Teemu Leppälä, CEO at POB.

With the launch of the toy and board game collection by Martinex, Icebreaker Snow fans will have the opportunity to bring to life their favorite characters and adventures by the end of 2017, when the first products are introduced to the market.

Martinex is a Finnish manufacturer and wholesaler of home- and kitchenware, textiles, toys and games. Beside the domestic market, its products are sold in the Nordic countries, Great Britain and Japan by large consumer product chains, smaller shops as well as online stores. The family-run Martinex was founded in 1986.

POB Production Ltd aims at significant international growth that is based on developing the content, licencing, animation and IP management of Icebreaker Snow -book series characters. POB builds and develops the concepts, business and contract models and expert networks necessary for international growth. The long term goal of POB Production is to make Icebreaker Snow into an internationally recognized children’s character brand.

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More info: Teemu Leppälä, CEO at POB,, tel: 00 358 40 510475

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