POB and Demola start cooperation in developing a Icebreaker Snow mobile game : )!


In cooperation with Demola Oulu, POB Production Ltd. wants to take the next step towards reaching its goal: extending its target audience by creating a mobile game which is based on the existing characters and the world in the Icebreaker Snow -book series. However, developing a game is not an easy task – it requires a lot of knowledge about the target markets and audiences to whom the game must appeal in terms of content and concept. Snow’s primary target audience will be children. For the game to become a successful addition to Snow’s world it must be more than just a game.

Our job is to tackle these challenges by building a concept/concepts for the upcoming game which POB can then use as a basis when commencing game production. Questions regarding the genre, design, plot and features are all up for grabs and the only limitation will be your imagination. We don’t need to start from scratch – the world and the characters are already there. We just need to take them to the next level and provide a meaningful experience for children.

Demola serves a wide research and educational community consisting of the universities of the region. Demola is building the world s strongest innovation ecosystem. It is based on a fusion of ideas, skills, and perspectives of students from various backgrounds. It is strengthened by a global network that combines the talent of the students with company R&D activities and university research.

POB aims at significant international growth that is based on developing the content, licencing, animation and IP management of Icebreaker Snow -book series characters. POB builds and develops the concepts, business and contract models and expert networks necessary for international growth. The long term goal of POB Production is to make Icebreaker Snow into an internationally recognized children’s character brand.

Do you want to be part of Icebreaker Snow brand success story through product licensing?

More info: Teemu Leppälä, CEO at POB, teemu@pobproduction.com, tel: 00 358 40 510475

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